National Parks

Do any of these sound familiar?

Have those spectacular views that are hard to capture from the ground?

Visitors often say they ‘didn’t realise’ the beauty before they visited?

It’s really hard to capture the beauty of the whole park?

What if I told you that you could...

Capture the full beauty of your parks?

Attract a wider range of visitors in awe of your parks stunning scenery?

Level up your social media accounts with awesome aerial footage?

Get this -- you can achieve all of this by simply using our hawk cam.

A little about us...

National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are something  the UK is very well known for globally. With millions of people visiting the peaks and pikes of the UK it’s should come as no surprise that some are taking over £500 million each year. The Lake District alone has 16 million visitors annually with many locations not too far behind.

We here at Caught From Above not only have the equipment and talent to showcase your chosen location, but we have a passion for the places of beauty here within the UK. We would be honoured to work alongside you in promoting the enjoyment and special qualities of our national parks.

Working closely with you we can offer a variety of bespoke packages to suit your needs. From simply taking aerial photographs to fully licensed, fully edited end products we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the outcome.

Our key features include...

  • Permission to fly at night
  • Special permission to operate up to 10m in congested areas
  • 4K Videography
  • HD Photography
  • Movi Pro Gimbal for Red and Alexa Mini
  • Indoor and outdoor filming
  • Public liability insurance
  • Obtaining permissions from relevant authorities
  • Live broadcasting
  • UK and overseas operation

Catch that epic moment

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