Real Estate

Do any of these sound familiar?

You have a house in a wonderful location but can’t capture it in its full glory from the ground?

Have a large plot of land or properties that you want to showcase with one image?

Want to show off the beautiful scenery but still have the property in the shot?

What if I told you that you could...

Create those epic shots that really make your properties stand out?

Attract the right customers that are looking for something a bit special?

Gain a much higher percentage of customers coming to view properties?

Get this -- you can achieve all of this by simply using our hawk cam.

A little about us...

Showcasing land and housing was once reliant on curb appeal, something mostly gone in todays faster paced property market. People often haven’t got the time to arrange appointments for any and every property they are considering and instead rely on websites or publications to reflect the qualities of the property before stepping foot on it.

Bring Caught From Above on board to ensure that customers are instantly drawn in by exceptional imagery that truly stands out from the crowd. Secure the viewings that allow you to work your magic and increase sales!

Working closely with you we can offer a variety of bespoke packages to suit your needs. From simply taking aerial photographs of a property to fully licensed, fully edited end products we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the outcome.

Our key features include...

  • Permission to fly at night
  • Special permission to operate up to 10m in congested areas
  • 4K Videography
  • HD Photography
  • Movi Pro Gimbal for Red and Alexa Mini
  • Indoor and outdoor filming
  • Public liability insurance
  • Obtaining permissions from relevant authorities
  • Live broadcasting
  • UK and overseas operation

Catch that epic moment

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