Wedding Moments

A little about us...

We can deliver stunning images of your wedding, taking into account your preferences and specifications when and where possible to the best of our ability. With great care and attention taken planning your big day with Caught From Above we can assure a seamless and enjoyable experience all round resulting in fantastic aerial imagery.

If Caught From Above won’t be the only ones filming on your special day then let us know. We are more than happy to work with photographers or videographers in order to best suit your big day. Whether you require just the footage or alternatively a fully licensed, fully edited final product allow us to help create long lasting memories that will last a lifetime and beyond!

Our key features include...

  • Permission to fly at night
  • Special permission to operate up to 10m in congested areas
  • 4K Videography
  • HD Photography
  • Movi Pro Gimbal for Red and Alexa Mini
  • Indoor and outdoor filming
  • Public liability insurance
  • Obtaining permissions from relevant authorities
  • Live broadcasting
  • UK and overseas operation

Catch that epic moment

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